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Where is Orbetello?


Address: 58015 Orbetello, Province of Grosseto, Italy

Distance from Orbetello to Fiumicino Airport: 133.4 km
Distance from Orbetello to Ciampino Airport: 154 km

Orbetello is tucked away in a lagoon on the Tuscan coast, deep within Maremma's center. You can take a stroll about its historic walls and take in the history because it is entirely car-free. You can almost feel the Etruscan roots beneath your feet! Beyond its picturesque streets, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, such as hiking, cycling, and water sports like surfing. And let's not forget the local cuisine—fresh seafood and wines that'll make your taste buds sing. If you're up for a little exploring, check out the stunning Santa Maria Assunta cathedral or the Spanish Castle, surrounded by its own little butterfly-filled oasis in the park.


Orbetello has buses that connect the town to important cities, making travel to places like Rome easier. They operate daily offering dependable transportation for passengers every day.

Routes: 0O1, 0O2, 11P, 15O, 39O, 0O1,12O
Operating hours: 8am to 5am


Trains in Orbetello connect the town to major destinations, offering easy access to its lagoon, historic center, and beaches.

Routes: Line R
Operating Hours:
4:45am to 11pm


Orbetello taxis provide private transportation services as well as nonstop airport transfers. The ability to make bookings online makes it simple to schedule rides in advance.

Operating hours: 24/7

Where is Fiumicino Airport?

Address: Via dell'Airport di Fiumicino 320, 00054 Fiumicino, Italy

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Italy's busiest airport, Fiumicino Airport (also called Leonardo da Vinci Airport), sees about 38.6 million passengers annually. It is about 27 miles southwest of Rome and provides easy access by bus and train to the city center. Take a train that goes directly to Termini station or a bus that goes to several parts of Rome, including Ciampino Airport. To get to places like Florence, Bologna, Naples, and Venice, you can also ride high-speed trains. While you wait for your trip, the airport offers plenty of things to do to spend your time and ample parking.

Plan your journey: Orbetello to/from Fiumicino Airport

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Bus transfers

There are frequent bus transfers that make traveling between Fiumicino Airport and Orbetello easy. Online booking and price comparisons make it easy to select the best option for your needs. Tiemme SpA, which is renowned for its exceptional service and easy booking procedure, is a dependable option. Look for coupon codes if you want to save money on tickets.

Tiemme SpA timings
  • Fiumicino Airport to Orbetello: 10:45am - 9:15pm
  • Orbetello to Fiumicino Airport: 8am - 5pm
Tiemme SpA stops

Fiumicino Airport | Orbetello

Exploring Orbetello: dining, lodging, and sightseeing

Nearby attractions
  • Ancient Spanish Mill: The Ancient Spanish Mill near Córdoba's Roman Bridge is a remarkable example of medieval water engineering from the 12th century.
  • Roman Town of Cosa: Cosa, a Roman colony founded in 273 BC in southwestern Tuscany, features ancient polygonal fortifications near Orbetello, highlighting its unique blend of Roman and Etruscan history.
  • Piazza della Repubblica: Piazza della Repubblica in Florence blends historic charm with modern life, capturing the essence of the city's cultural heritage.
  • Monumento ai Caduti: Monumento ai Caduti in Italy offers visitors a touching and respectful place to honor the bravery of fallen soldiers, making it a meaningful stop for those interested in paying respects and learning about local culture.
  • Spiaggia Libera: Spiaggia Libera in Orbetello invites visitors to enjoy the sun and sea freely, offering a relaxed coastal escape on the Tyrrhenian coast.

Frequently asked questions

Are there airport transfer services connecting Fiumicino Airport to Orbetello?

Yes, there are bus transfer services available between Fiumicino Airport and Orbetello, offering convenient travel options in both directions.

What is the cost of an airport transfer service from Ciampino Airport to Rome Termini?

The cost of an airport transfer service from Ciampino Airport to Rome Termini depends on the type of transport ticket. We have Ciampino Airport transfer ticket prices starting from €6.

What is the cost of an airport transfer service from Fiumicino Airport?

The cost of Fiumicino airport transfers varies depending on your destination. You can check ticket prices based on your specific travel route.

Where can I purchase my airport transfer tickets?

Transfer tickets to and from Fiumicino Airport can be purchased online, where special offers and discounts are also available.

What are the Tiemme SpA airport transfer timings to and from Fiumicino airport?

You can travel between Orbetello and the airport with Tiemme SpA's airport transfers, running daily from 8am to 9:15pm.

How long does it take to reach Fiumicino Airport from Orbetello?

The bus transfer, particularly the one by Tiemme SpA takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Fiumicino Airport from Orbetello.

Are there transportation options from Orbetello to other parts of Rome?

Yes, you have plenty of options to travel from Orbetello to other parts of Rome, including trains, buses, and taxis.

What's the benefit of buying Tiemme SpA airport transfer tickets online?

Booking your Tiemme SpA airport transfer tickets online is super convenient. You'll save time and money with instant confirmation and great discounts on already affordable fares. Plus, the whole process is really easy!

Can I make changes to my travel date and departure time after booking?

Unfortunately, once booked, these tickets cannot be canceled or rescheduled.

Can I book one-way and round-trip transfers between Fiumicino Airport and Orbetello?

No, with Tiemme SpA airport transfers, you can only book one-way tickets, whether you're heading to or from the airport.