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RomeBorghese Gallery

Please note: From March 29 to June 30, 2024, a portion of the Borghese Gallery will be closed due to ongoing renovation and conservation projects. The collection from the gallery's first floor is temporarily relocated to the South Wing of Palazzo Barberini. This collaboration between Galleria Borghese and Gallerie Nazionali di Arte Antica aims to ensure continued public access to these masterpieces, including popular works by Raphael, Titian, and Rubens.

Borghese Gallery
  • Impressive collection: The Borghese Gallery is one of Rome's most impressive art galleries. It is home to an incredible collection of paintings, sculptures, and antiques from the 15th to the 18th centuries.
  • Renaissance masterpieces: The Gallery's collection includes works by some of the most renowned artists in history, including Caravaggio, Bernini, Canova, and Raphael, among others.
  • Beautiful location: The museum is housed in the beautiful Borghese villa, a magnificent 17th-century villa filled with intricate architecture, ornate decorations, and beautiful frescoes. 
  • Variety of exhibits: The Borghese Gallery offers a variety of exhibitions, in addition to the gallery's permanent collection. 
  • Elegant garden: Visitors can also explore the museum's beautiful garden, which features winding paths, ponds, fountains, and sculptures.
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If you're looking to explore beyond

Duration: 30 minutes - 2 hours

  • Combo ticket offers an immersive experience by combining a visit to the Borghese Gallery with priority access to Bioparco di Roma, Vatican or Colosseum, allowing you to explore art and nature in one trip.
  • Get escorted at the entry and learn interesting anecdotes and facts about the villa on the way over.

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Discounts on Borghese Gallery Tickets

EU citizens between the age of 18-25 get reduced pricing on their tickets on presentation of a valid government ID.

Audio Guide Availability

You can purchase an audio guide for €5 at the Borghese Gallery

Villa Borghese
villa borghese gardens

What started out as the private collection of a prominent cardinal, the Borghese Gallery today is a beautiful public museum for art lovers. Soak in the blood, sweat and tears of some of the greatest artists to have ever lived, like Bernini, Caravaggio and Raphael. Here are some of the top highlights at Borghese Gallery.

what to see at borghese gallery - apollo and daphne by bernini

Apollo and Daphne

Artist: Bernini

Bernini's Apollo and Daphne in the Borghese Gallery portrays the tragic myth of Apollo pursuing the nymph Daphne, who transforms into a tree to evade him after being struck by Cupid's arrow. The sculpture skillfully captures motion and transformation, blending human and tree-like elements, vividly depicting Daphne's gradual metamorphosis.

what to see at borghese gallery - rape of proserpina by bernini

The Rape of Proserpina

Artist: Bernini

At just 23 years old, Bernini sculpted one of his most celebrated works, depicting the tragic abduction of Proserpina by Pluto. This 7.5-foot marble sculpture, crafted from unique Carrara marble, exudes an ironic softness. Influenced by Baroque style, Bernini's lifelike portrayal captures anguish in Proserpina's face, Pluto's tense muscles, and the dramatic motion of flesh.

girl looking at painting

Young Woman with a Unicorn

Artist: Raphael

Raphael's Young Woman with a Unicorn painting grabs the eye with the subject's striking blue eyes and a calm face. Experts debated her identity for years without a definitive answer. Comparisons to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa arise due to similarities in pose and background. The unicorn symbolizes purity, adding depth to the artwork.

People looking at a painting

David with the Head of Goliath

Artist: Caravaggio

Caravaggio's remarkable self-portrait stands out at the Borghese Gallery. Painted during his fugitive years, it depicts David holding Goliath's severed head, believed to symbolize Caravaggio himself. The contrast between vibrant David and desolate Goliath showcases Caravaggio's mature artistry, marked by dark tones and intense emotion.

Statue of David

Artist: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Bernini's marble masterpiece portraying David about to launch his sling. The sculpture's dynamic twist and emotional intensity bring David's biblical moment to life, demonstrating Bernini's mastery in sculpting movement and expression.

Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius

Artist: Bernini

This sculptural group captures the poignant moment from Virgil's epic, "Aeneid," portraying Aeneas carrying his father Anchises and leading his son Ascanius. Bernini's skill in capturing emotional depth and familial bond is evident in this remarkable work.

Statue of Paolina Borghese

Artist: Canova

The statue portrays Napoleon's sister reclining as Venus. Crafted in marble, this neoclassical masterpiece exhibits lifelike elegance and sensuality. Canova's meticulous detailing captures both beauty and emotion, showcasing the grace of classical artistry in a timeless form.

Amor Sacro and Amor Profano

Artist: Titian

Titian's masterpiece displays two distinct female figures representing sacred and profane love. The painting contrasts innocence and sensuality, highlighting Titian's skill in depicting contrasting emotions through rich color and exquisite detailing.

Rules & Tips
Borghese Gallery Opening Hours

Borghese Gallery

Apart from its permanent collection, the Borghese Gallery also has temporary exhibitions set up throughout the year. Currently, there are two exhibitions on display at the museum:

1. Dosso Dossi. The Aeneas Frieze

4 April to 11 June 2023

2. Giuseppe Penone. Universal Gestures

14 March to 18 May 2023

Porta Pinciana
  • Stair lift located to the left of the external staircase for people with reduced mobility.
  • The entrance at Piazzale Scipione Borghese n. 5 allows direct entry to the sculpture floor of the museum, without having to take the stairs.
  • Elevators can be used to reach the second floor.
  • Galleria Borghese provides small wheelchairs that can fit inside the elevator and take the visitors to the second floor. Visitors are requested to leave their personal wheelchair and use the one provided by the museum. On the second floor, more comfortable wheelchairs will be available.
  • Free guided tours for visitors with various degrees of disability conducted by V.A.M.I. on reservation.
  • I Goliardi Roma: A vibrant neighborhood restaurant decorated in lively colors. Known for Piedmont regional flavors, serving Italian, Mediterranean & Northern-Italian.
  • Casina Valadier: Elegant dining with a panoramic terrace offering Italian cuisine within Villa Borghese Park.
  • Il Gabriello: Charming restaurant serving traditional Roman dishes near the Borghese Gallery.
  • Babette: Casual café perfect for a quick bite or coffee, conveniently located close to the gallery.
  • Ristorante Il Fungo Quattro: Family-friendly restaurant serving Italian favorites within walking distance of the gallery.

Foresteria Roma, 3.4 km; Casa Santa Sofia, 2.6 km

Dharma Boutique Hotel & Spa, 2.4 km; Hotel Savoy Roma, 1 km

The First Roma Dolce, 2.2 km; Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & SPA, 600 m

How much is a ticket to the Borghese Gallery?

Borghese Gallery ticket cost varies based on the type of experience you choose. The ticket price for the Borghese Gallery starts from €24.

How to book Borghese Gallery tickets?

You can buy Borghese Gallery tickets online or at the venue. However, it is recommended to purchase tickets online and in advance, as they often sell out quickly. You can book via authorized ticket vendors online. Select the preferred date and time slot, providing visitor details and payment information. Alternatively, consider guided tour packages offering skip-the-line access to secure tickets in advance for a hassle-free experience at this Rome attraction.

Why should I book Borghese Gallery tickets online?

Booking Borghese Gallery tickets online ensures guaranteed entry, especially during peak seasons when tickets sell out quickly. Online reservations allow selecting preferred time slots, enabling a smooth and efficient visit without waiting in long queues. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to plan and secure tickets in advance, ensuring a hassle-free experience at this popular Rome attraction.

What do Borghese Gallery tickets include?

Borghese Gallery tickets grant access to the museum's renowned art collection, showcasing masterpieces by Bernini, Caravaggio, and other acclaimed artists. Depending on the ticket type, inclusions may vary, encompassing entry to the gallery, specific time slots, and occasionally guided tours or combined packages allowing access to adjacent attractions like the Villa Borghese Gardens or other museums in Rome.

What are the different types of Borghese Gallery tickets available?

Visitors can choose between skip-the-line tickets, guided tours or golf cart tours of the Borghese Gallery.

Can I get skip-the-line tickets for the Borghese Gallery?

Yes. Borghese Gallery tickets include skip-the-line access, allowing you to bypass the long waiting lines.

Are guided tours of the Borghese Gallery available?

It depends on the ticket you book; you would have to specifically book Borghese Gallery tickets that include guided tours. With these tickets, you’ll be accompanied by a professional English-speaking guide through your tour.

Are audioguides included on Borghese Gallery tickets?

It depends on the ticket you book; you would have to specifically opt for Borghese Gallery tickets that provide audio guides.

Do I need tickets for the Borghese Gardens?

No, access to the Villa Borghese gardens is completely free of charge.

What is the cancelation policy for Borghese Gallery tickets?

It depends on the Borghese Gallery ticket you choose to book. While some tickets offer a full refund on canceling within a stipulated time period, for others there may be no refund available on cancelation. Please check before you make your reservation. 

What is Borghese Gallery?

The Borghese Gallery is an art museum located in the Villa Borghese Pinciana in Rome, Italy. It houses a large collection of ancient Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque art, including sculptures, paintings, and mosaics, including works by famous artists such as Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael, and Titian.

What are some of the highlights of Borghese Gallery?

Some of the highlights of the Borghese Gallery include masterpieces such as Bernini's Apollo and Daphne, Caravaggio's David with the Head of Goliath, and Titian's Sacred and Profane Love.

What are Borghese Gallery hours? 

Borghese Gallery hours are 9 AM to 7 PM from Tuesday to Sunday, with final entry at 5 PM. It is closed on Mondays.

What is the best time to visit the Borghese Gallery?

The best time to visit the Borghese Gallery is early in the morning or late in the afternoon when there are fewer visitors. The gallery is closed on Mondays, and it is best to avoid visiting during the peak tourist season, which is from June to August.

Where is Borghese Gallery located?

The Borghese Gallery is located at Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5, 00197 Roma RM, Italy.

What is the best way to get to the Borghese Gallery?

You can take the bus or the train to get to the Borghese Gallery. If you take the bus, alight at Pinciana/Museo Borghese stop and walk to the gallery; if you take the train, you can get off at either Barberini or Piazza di Spagna stations and walk to the gallery.

Is Borghese Gallery wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Borghese Gallery wheelchair accessible. The museum has elevators and ramps to facilitate the movement of visitors with disabilities. Wheelchairs are also available for use within the museum, free of charge, although they must be reserved in advance by contacting the museum.