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Discover Bioparco di Roma, a zoological garden in Rome. Dive into a world of diverse fauna and interactive exhibits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any zoos in Rome?

Yes, there are many zoos in Rome. Bioparco di Roma is the largest zoo in Rome, home to more than 1000 animals. La Fattoria degli Animali, Rettilario and VoloAlto Nature Park are other zoos in Rome. Zoo della Star is located about an hour away from the Metropolitan of Rome.

Which is the most famous zoo in Rome?

Bioparco di Roma, La Fattoria degli Animali, Rettilario, VoloAlto Nature Park and Zoo della Star are the most famous zoos in Rome.

Where can I buy tickets to zoos in Rome?

You can purchase your skip-the-line tickets here. Standing in long queues can waste a lot of your time during your visit. You should always avoid that to make the most of your time.

How much time should I spend in a zoo in Rome?

Different zoos have different experiences to offer. From pony rides to barbecues and guided tours, there are many things you can do at zoos in Rome. Ideally, you should spend about 4 to 5 hours learning more about the animals and their daily life in their natural habitat.

Are zoos in Rome wheelchair accessible?

All zoos in Rome are wheelchair accessible. They also have dedicated parking spots for the ease of their visitors.

Which is the best zoo in Rome?

Bioparco di Roma, La Fattoria degli Animali, Rettilario, VoloAlto Nature Park are the best zoos in Rome.

Do zoos in Rome have events/exhibitions?

Zoos in Rome organise many events and exhibits to entertain and educate their visitors. You can take part in toy train rides, volunteer to help the zoo or learn more about the animals through interactive programs. La Fattoria degli Animali has many events for children during their summer camp sessions to teach young ones about the importance of preserving our wildlife and nature.

Can you use public transport to visit a zoo in Rome?

Zoos in Rome are easily accessible through the use of public transport. Metro services, buses and trains run regularly to the zoo you want to visit. You can also hire private cabs for the duration of your visit. Rome is a scenic city which makes the drive through roads even more beautiful.

Are there aquariums in Rome?

Rome does not have any aquariums. However, you can witness sea animals in some zoos like Bioparco di Roma, La Fattoria degli Animali and Rettilario. Rettilario has many amphibians like crocodiles and frogs that you can see through underground tunnels on foot.

Which is the best aquarium in Rome?

There are no aquariums in Rome. However, Rettilario has many amphibians that you can see. Crocodiles, turtles and frogs are a part of this zoo, along with other reptiles.

Which is the best aquarium in Dubai?

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the best aquarium in Dubai.

What kind of animals can you find in Rome zoos and aquariums?

Italy's finest flora and fauna can be seen in the capital city of Rome. Animals ranging from mammals, amphibians, reptiles and more can be found in the zoos of Rome. Tree Boa of Madagascar, Mandrill, Kleinmann's Tortoise, Alpine Goat, Emu, Scottish Highland Cow, Giant Snails of Zanzibar, Aldabra Tortoise, Axolotl, Alpacas, Owls, Ostriches, Lion, Tiger, and Cheetah are some animals you will see at zoos in Rome.

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