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The Rome Pantheon, situated close to central Rome, comes with an interesting history: originally built by Marcus Agrippa (son-in-law of Augustus and Roman consul member), it was once a temple dedicated to all gods. Centuries later, it was converted into a church. Besides its intriguing evolution, it's known for its superior architecture. Take an audio guided tour of this legendary monument to discover in detail its origins, its structural details and more.

Why book a Rome Pantheon audio guide tour?

rome pantheon oculus

Easy exploration

With an audio guide (unlike a regular guided tour whose itinerary is predetermined by an expert), an audio guide allows you to explore the Pantheon flexibly. Marvel at the marble interiors, sky gaze at the dome and oculus, etc. at your own pace, no questions asked.

Multilingual options

Multilingual options

Worried about not being able to follow an accent, or not knowing a language? Fret not, for these audio guides are available in a variety of languages including Italian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian and Portuguese. Choose what works for you and deep dive into the Rome Pantheon' history.

Bonus: Priority access entry

Bonus: Priority access entry

Along with your audio guide, enjoy the benefit of skipping the tourist queues and entering the attraction right away. Especially if you have pre-booked Rome Pantheon tickets, pick up your physical audio guide at the entrance and begin your tour pronto.

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Things to know before booking Rome Pantheon audio guide tours

  • There are two variants of the audio guide tour: The first is picking up a physical audio guide located about 6 minutes away from the Rome Pantheon, if you've booked the experience .
  • The second is a digital audio guide that you must download on your smartphone. You will also be required to carry your own headphones/earphones for this experience. You can avail this tour if you book .
  • If you're booking the first type of audio guide, it's advisable to reach your destination early to account for the time taken to collect the headset. If you've chosen the second type of audio guide, ensure your smartphone is fully charged and that your network provider is decent.

Pros and cons of Pantheon Rome audio guide tour



Flexible and convenient way to explore the attraction without being limited by time constraints, tour group requirements, etc.

Compromises on the ability to clarify queries. Opportunities for an interactive and engaging experience are unavailable.

Multilingual audio guide options including Italian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian and Portuguese.

Since many tourists use the same audio guide handsets, they can be unhygienic.

Immersive experience aided by credible narrators, superior sound effects, etc.

Risk of losing out on information due to poor connectivity issues.

Frequently asked questions about Rome Pantheon audio guide tours

How are Pantheon Rome audio guide tours priced?

Rome Pantheon audio guide tours start at €13. The prices go up if you choose to book the since it not only stops at popular Roman attractions like the Colosseum, but also gives you skip-the-line entry to the Rome Pantheon.

Should I opt for a digital or physical audio guide tour of the Pantheon?

That depends on your convenience. With digital audio guides, you can come prepared with the app downloaded on your phone, but might stand to lose out if there are unforeseen connectivity issues. With the physical guide, the pick-up point is situated bout 6 minutes from the entrance, which might be a hassle if you're short on time. However, with the physical guide, you can enjoy uninterrupted commentary in the language of your choice.

Which is better: an audio guided tour of the Rome Pantheon or a traditional guided tour?

Both have their pros and cons: with a Rome Pantheon guided tour, you can interact with an in-person guide who will take you through the monument and answer your questions. However, the itinerary and highlights you'll see are usually preset by the tour guide. An audio guided tour is especially suited for solo travelers or those trying to pack the punch in a quick visit. You will receive commentary on most of the popular sights inside the attraction, although you'll miss out on the chance to have an interactive experience with an expert.

What is the duration of an Pantheon Rome audio guided tour?

The best part of an audio guide tour is that you get to see the Pantheon at your own pace. You have a flexible itinerary, which means you can stay as long as you like as long as it's within the Rome Pantheon opening hours.

Are Rome Pantheon audio guide tours available in multiple languages?

Yes, choose between Italian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian and Portuguese audio guide tours while visiting Rome Pantheon.

Are audio guided tours of the Rome Pantheon suitable for children?

Yes, absolutely! Children are likely to enjoy this type of tour as it is immersive and engaging. For the best experience, you can always have a discussion with your child after to help them clarify doubts, share what they enjoyed about the tour, etc.

Is a Rome Pantheon audio guided tour recommended for people with disabilities?

Visitors, especially with mobility or visual impairments, can benefit greatly from audio guided tours as they are flexible and convenient, enabling the user to explore the attraction at their own pace.