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Explore Rome in Summer | Weather, Things to do, Packing Checklist, Travel tips & More

With a rich history and culture, Rome is the perfect city to visit throughout the year. This Eternal City dates back to ancient times and is renowned as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Whether it is a history tour of the Colosseum or making a wish at the Trevi Fountain, there is no shortage of places to visit and things to do in Rome. One of the most popular times to visit Rome is in summer when the weather is warm and eating gelato while sitting beside a fountain in Piazza feels like nothing short of an accomplishment. If you plan a visit to Rome in the summer, here is what you need to know.

Rome in summer: At a Glance

June - August

  • Average Temperature: 17 - 45°C
  • Average Rainfall: 20 mm
  • Average Daily Wind Speed: 6 m/hr 
  • Average Water Temperature: 25°C
  • Average Daytime: 13 - 16 hours

Why visit Rome in Summer?

Rome in Summer- Why visit Rome During Summer

1. Good Weather

Sure, Rome in summer is hot but it also means clear skies, longer days, and a lower chance of rainfall. As a result, you can truly enjoy the city like the Italians do. Start exploring the city early and take a long lunch in the afternoon and continue sightseeing till late at night.

Rome in Summer- Why visit Rome During Summers

2. Lots of Outdoor Activities

The summer season also means that you can spend more time outdoors in Rome. Sit beside the Trevi Fountain, stroll around the parks, or visit the monuments late at night when everything is lit up beautifully.

Rome in Summer- Why visit Rome During Summers

3. Plenty of Festivals and Events

You will find a lot of festivals and fun events to enjoy in Rome in summer that will make your trip even better. From film festivals to art exhibitions, there are many things to see and do in Rome in summer.

Rome in Summer- Why visit Rome During Summers

4. Peak Tourist Season

This is also the peak tourist season so, if you love to meet new people then this would be a great time to plan your visit. You will end up interacting with people from different cultures and countries during this time.

Rome in Summer- Why visit Rome During Summers

5. Perfect Time for Gelato

Of course, eating gelato is a must when visiting Rome and there is no better time to do that than the summer season. There is nothing more satisfying than eating gelato during the hot weather as you stroll through the streets of Rome city.

What to Look Out for in Rome in Summer?

Rome in Summer- What to Look Out for

1. High Temperature

Although Rome in summer means clear sky and dry days but it also means high temperature. The night and mornings are cool but the afternoons can be really hot, with temperatures going as high as 45°C.

Rome in Summer- What to Look Out for

2. Lots of Crowds

If you don’t like crowds, then summer is a bad time to visit Rome as the city is crowded with vacationers. Families, couples, and everyone is visiting the city at this time to enjoy the weather and the long vacation days.

Rome in Summer- What to Look Out for

3. Increased Flight and Accommodation Costs

Another important thing to keep in mind when visiting Rome is that the prices of flights and hotels are high in summer. This is because more tourists are visiting and booking everything in advance. 

Rome in Summer- What to Look Out for

4. Sold Out Events

While there are a lot of festivals and events to attend in Rome in summer, you should also remember that most of these tickets are sold out months in advance. So, plan and buy your tickets beforehand if you wish to attend any of these festivals or concerts.

Rome in Summer- What to Look Out for

Longer Queues at Attractions

If you don’t have skip-the-line tickets, then you will also end up standing a long time in the lines outside the attractions in Rome in summer.

What to Wear?

If you are planning a visit to Rome in June, then cotton clothes are going to be your best friend for this trip. Rome can become hot in summer, especially during the daytime, so wear loose and lightweight clothes to avoid sweating. You can wear shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. to stay cool but do cover up your knees and shoulders when visiting religious places in Rome.

Rome in Summer - What to wear

What to Wear in Rome in Summer?

  • Rome can be a little hot in the summer season so it is recommended to wear cotton and eating clothes. 
  • T-shirts with shorts are perfect for Rome in summer.
  • Dresses and skirts are also acceptable just keep in mind to cover your knees abs shoulders when visiting a church.
  • Visitors can also wear long sleeve cotton t-shirts and light pants to prevent tanning when exploring the city.
Rome in Summer - What to pack

What to Pack for Rome in Summer?

  • Cotton and rayon clothes - The summertime in Rome is hot and sweaty so it is recommended that you pack cotton and rayon clothes that can easily absorb the sweat.
  • A pair of walking shoes or sandals will also come in handy when you are exploring Rome in summer.
  • Take wet wipes, sun hat, sunscreen, and cooling towels on your trip.
  • Shorts and skirts - Enjoy your trip to Rome in summer by wearing comfortable shorts and skirts while staying cool in the hot weather.
  • Do take long pants and a shawl to cover up your knees and shoulders when visiting a church in Rome.

Top Things to do in Rome in Summer

Rome in Summer- Top Things to do in Rome

1. Colosseum

City Landmark | Monument

Of course, you cannot visit Rome and not go on a tour of the Colosseum, regardless of the month. However, a visit to Colosseum in summer means that you can stay out longer and catch the largest amphitheater in the world lit up at night. This ancient amphitheater has been used for several entertainment purposes in the past including gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, concerts, and more.

Rome in Summer- Top Things to do in Rome

2. Roman Catacombs

Indoor Attraction

One of the creepiest yet interesting attractions to visit in Rome is the Roman Catacombs. These underground tunnels feature crypts and burial grounds that were used between the 2nd-5th century to bury the dead. A guided tour of this underground maze can give you more insight into its dark history and also keep you cool during the afternoon heat of summer.

Rome in Summer- Top Things to do in Rome

3. Make a Wish at the Trevi Fountain

City Landmark

At a height of 26 meters, Trevi Fountain is a beautiful sight and one of the most magical places to visit in Rome. Visit the fountain early in the morning or late at night in summer to enjoy some peace and quiet here. As the tradition goes, don’t forget to throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish.

Rome in Summer- Top Things to do in Rome

4. Visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel


If you need a break from the summer heat in Rome, then there is no better place to visit than the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. The Vatican Museums are the public museums in Vatican City that showcase the collection gathered by the Catholic Church and the papacy over the years. From renowned Roman sculptures to Renaissance art, you will find all kinds of items in these museums.

Rome in Summer- Top Things to do in Rome

5. Enjoy a Panoramic View from St. Peter’s Basilica


St. Peter’s Basilica is a Renaissance-style church that is located in Vatican City. You can visit this church during the day to catch some relief from the summer afternoons in Rome or the evening to enjoy a sunset view from the dome. The architecture of the church and its dome are both marvelous, making it a must-visit site in Vatican City.

Rome in Summer- Top Things to do in Rome

6. Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Ancient Rome Landmark

Plan a trip to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill in the morning in summer to learn more about the ancient Roman Empire. The Roman Forum was home to many important Roman buildings which lay in ruins now. Palatine Hill is one of the centremost hills in the seven hills of Rome and offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding area.

Rome in Summer- Top Things to do in Rome

7. Borghese Gardens and Villa Borghese

Public Park

If you are an art lover, then you should pay a visit to Villa Borghese and Borghese Gardens. Here, you will find works of talented artists such as Bernini, Raphael, Titian, and more. Apart from the art gallery, Borghese Gardens are a must-visit too. However, if you wish to explore them and learn about them in detail, then a garden tour is recommended.

Rome in Summer- Top Things to do in Rome

8. Navona Square


One of the best places to hang out in Rome in summer is the Navona Square, especially in the evening when you can enjoy a cool breeze here. This piazza features several beautiful fountains, Bernini sculptures, cute cafes, and a street filled with artists. For evening entertainment, this place is perfect and this is where you will see Roman life at its best.

Rome in Summer- Top Things to do in Rome

9. Trastevere


A walk through the oldest neighborhoods in Rome is certainly a great way to enjoy your evenings in Rome in summer. You can explore the cobblestone streets here while enjoying a gelato cone and meet the locals in this neighborhood.

Events in Rome in Summer

Rome in Summer- Events in Rome
Rome in Summer- Events in Rome
Rome in Summer- Events in Rome
Rome in Summer - Events
Rome in Summer - Events
Rome in Summer - Events
Rome in Summer - Events
Rome in Summer - Events

Festa Della Madonna Della Neve

Date: 5 August 2022

Also known as Our Lady of the Snows, this festival is celebrated on the 5th of August every year at the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. To honor the saint, confetti and fresh white petals are scattered around in the form of snowfall.

Tips and Hacks to Visit Rome in summer

  • Plan early morning visits to the attractions to avoid the queues and the hotter weather during midday.
  • Since the days are long in Rome in summer, plan your itinerary well else you won’t have time to rest at all during your visit.
  • Several attractions are closed on Monday, so plan accordingly.
  • Wear cotton clothes in summer as it can become really hot and flaunt dresses and shorts as much as you like except when visiting religious places.
  • Drink lots of water as there are high chances of becoming dehydrated in Rome in summer.

Know Before you Visit Rome in Summer

Rome in Summer- Getting around

Getting Around Rome in Summer

When you are planning a trip to Rome in summer, you also have to consider getting around the city. While Rome is huge, public transportation makes it easy to roam around the city. 

  • Metro: There are two metro lines - A and B that connect most parts of the city and run from 5:30 AM to 1:30 AM every day. 
  • Bus: One of the best ways to travel around Rome is by using the bus network here. There are around 338 bus lines and 22 night buses that connect over 8,000 stops all over Rome city.
  • Tram: There are 6 tram lines that one can use to travel to parts of Rome that are not accessible by metros or buses.
  • Urban Railway: Finally, you also have an urban railway system with three lines to connect to reach Giardinetti, Lido, and Viterbo.
Rome in Summer- Getting around

Where to Stay in Rome in Summer

As Rome is a popular tourist destination and receives millions of visitors every year, there is no shortage of hotels or hostels here. In summer, the accommodation prices can be a little high but if you book in advance then there is nothing to worry about.

Rome in Summer- food

What to Eat in Rome in Summer?

Pizza: Of course, a trip to Rome without trying the iconic Italian Pizza is a trip incomplete. Pizza is a staple food in Rome and there are different varieties and toppings for you to choose from. 

Gelato: Another iconic Italian dish that you cannot miss out on is the Gelato. You can choose to have an exotic chocolate-covered gelato or a mix of icy flavors during the hot summers in Rome.

Caprese Salad: If you are looking to eat something light in Rome in the summers, then Caprese salad is a must-try. The salad comprises fresh tomatoes, basil, buffalo mozzarella, and a little bit of olive oil and balsamic.

Cacio E Pepe: One of the top comfort foods in Rome, Cacio E Pepe is simple yet wholesome. This dish is made using pasta, black pepper, and Pecorino Romano cheese and is perfect to combat the summer heat in Rome.

Carbonara: Another popular pasta dish to eat in Rome is the Carbonara. It is cooked with spaghetti, guanciale, and rigatoni. There is a whole egg or egg yolk added to make it creamy and it is served with a topping of black pepper.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Rome in Summer

Is summer a good time to visit Rome?

One can visit Rome throughout the year as there is something to experience all year round. However, summer is an ideal time to visit Rome as the weather is better with clearer skies and longer days. Plus, there are plenty of festivals and events happening in the summer season that you won’t want to miss.

How hot is Rome in summer?

Rome in summer can be extremely hot with the average temperature around 45°C. However, if you are okay with the heat, then it is a great time to visit as the days are 13-16 hours long so you have more time to explore.

What is the average temperature in Rome in summer?

The average temperature in Rome in summer is around 17 - 45°C.

Is it sunny in Rome during summer?

Rome experiences sunny and clear days for most of the year, especially in the summer months. Make sure you pack enough sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses if you are traveling to Rome in summer.

Is it windy in Rome during summer?

It is not too windy in Rome in summer as the average wind speed is around 6 mph.

Does it rain in Rome during summer?

The summer season in Rome is mostly dry and sunny so, there are fewer chances of rainfall. The average rainfall during these months to expect is 20 mm.

What clothes to wear in Rome in summer?

Since Rome is hot in summer, visitors are recommended to wear cotton and rayon clothes. Shorts, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, etc. are perfect to enjoy the summer weather in the city.

Is Rome cheaper in summer?

Rome becomes a little expensive in summer as it is the peak tourist season. The hotels are in high demand and the attraction tickets get sold out in advance, resulting in a price hike for the tourists.

What are some things to do in Rome in summer?

Some popular activities to enjoy in Rome in summer are sightseeing, museum hopping, strolling in the gardens, visiting the piazzas in the evening, and so on.

How safe is Rome?

Rome is a safe place to visit but you should always be careful of scammers and thieves when exploring the city. Avoid buying tickets in black and stay aware of your belongings at all times.

What can I see in Rome in summer?

During the summer season, there are many beautiful attractions to visit in Rome such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, and so on.

What free things can you do in Rome in summer?

There are many free things to do in Rome in summer such as visiting the Trevi Fountain, enjoying a meal in a cute outdoor cafe, exploring the pizzas, strolling through the Travestere neighborhood, and marveling at the Colosseum lit up at night.

What events should you attend in Rome in summer?

A few top events that you should attend in Rome in summer are Republic Day, Ferragosto, Feast of St. John, and more.