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Rome, one of the top tourist destinations in Italy and the third most traveled city in Europe after London and Paris, is situated on the central-western coast of the Italian peninsula. Due to its exciting nightlife, rich culture, and great history, this Italian city draws millions of visitors from all over the world each year. In Rome, there are countless attractions and places of interest to explore. Here are the best attractions in Rome that you must visit.

30 Top Attractions in Rome

Rome is a city with a history dating back more than 2,000 years. Some monuments in Rome are even older and home to age-old artworks. Explore some of the most interesting attractions in Rome on your next trip.

Attractions in Rome - Roman Colosseum
Attractions in Rome - St. Peter’s Basilica
Attractions in Rome - Roman Pantheon
Attractions in Rome - Sistine Chapel
Attractions in Rome - Sistine Chapel
Attractions in Rome - Catacombs
Attractions in Rome - Palazzo Barberini
Attractions in Rome - Castel Sant Angelo
Attractions in Rome - 9. Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Attractions in Rome - Rome Bioparco
Attractions in Rome - Borghese Gallery
Attractions in Rome - Leonardo da Vinci Museum
Attractions in Rome - Musei Capitolini
Attractions in Rome - Piazza Venezia

14. Piazza Venezia

City Landmark

One of the busiest areas of Rome and a significant intersection for numerous important roads is the Piazza Venezia, which is regarded as the city's central boulevard and hub. Several important streets converge here, notably the Fori Imperiali, which leads to the Colosseum, which is situated at the base of Capitoline Hill. Three significant and must-see landmarks in the area are Trajan's Column, Altar of the Fatherland, and Piazza Venezia.

Tip: Make sure to visit this bustling square in the evening to experience the atmosphere of ancient Rome if you have a full day of sightseeing planned.

Location: Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy Find on map

Attractions in Rome - Mamertine Prison
Attractions in Rome - Trevi Fountain

16. Trevi Fountain

City Landmark | Leisure

Few fountains in the entire world are as elaborately ornamented and sculpted as the Trevi Fountain. The Roman God Oceanus is honored in the fountain, which was built in 1762 by Nicola Salvi. Oceanus is seen driving a chariot pulled by Tritons and commanding multiple hippocamps. The fountain's beauty is derived not just from its ancient sculpture but also from the painstaking upkeep that the popular destination still receives.

Tip: Go later in the evening to experience the fountain's lovely lighting and frothy magnificence in a more serene environment.

Location: Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Roma RM, Italy Find on map

Attractions in Rome - Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
Attractions in Rome - Galleria Doria Pamphilj
Attractions in Rome - Basilica di Santa Maria del Popolo

19. Basilica di Santa Maria del Popolo


This structure, one of Rome's richest Renaissance cathedrals, contains two Caravaggios among a remarkable collection of artwork. The church has a central nave and four chapels, one on each of its four corners. To expel the ghost of Nero from this location, the first chapel was built in 1099. Keep an eye out for the Cappella Chigi, which Raphael began building for wealthy banker Agostino Chigi in 1514 and had Bernini complete 100 years later.

Why Visit: The church is home to many magnificent frescoes by Pinturicchio and Caracci, including the Assumption of the Virgin. Find his Adoration of the Christ Child, which was done between 1484 and 1490, in the Della Rovere Chapel. 

Location: Piazza del Popolo, 12, 00187 Roma RM, Italy Find on map

Attractions in Rome - Piazza di Spagna & the Spanish Steps
Attractions in Rome - Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere
Attractions in Rome - Basilica di Santa Sabina
Attractions in Rome - St. Peter's Square

23. St. Peter's Square


The St. Peter's Basilica-overlooking central plaza of the Vatican was built between 1656 and 1667 in accordance with a design by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. When viewed from above, two semicircular colonnades with four rows of Doric columns each create the appearance of a sizable keyhole. Be cautious with your possessions as there have been reported thefts in the vicinity, especially during the busy season when the square is typically fairly bustling and congested.

Why Visit: At its widest point, the plaza measures 320 meters by 240 meters, which is a surprisingly large area. The 284 columns that make up the colonnades are occupied by 140 saints.

Location: Vatican City Find on map

Attractions in Rome - Villa Medici
Attractions in Rome - Vittoriano
Attractions in Rome - Cinecitta

26. Cinecitta


Italy's premier film production facility, Cinecittà, was established by Mussolini in 1937. There have been many classic foreign and Italian movies made. The studios are open for tours, and in addition to a variety of gorgeous sets, such as those from the 1500s and ancient Rome, there are fascinating exhibitions as well. You can discover the works of Federico Fellini and other important Italian filmmakers during your guided tour in a variety of languages.

Why Visit: Mussolini intended for the studios to produce propaganda movies, but they later served as a hospital and a camp for refugees during World War II, playing an important role in the circumstances.

Location: 00174 Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy Find on map

Attractions in Rome - Orto Botanico
Attractions in Rome - Palazzo Farnese
Attractions in Rome - Chiesa di Santa Maria Antiqua
Attractions in Rome - Palazzo Corsini

Frequently Asked Questions About Attractions in Rome

What are the top 3 tourist attractions in Rome?
What’s the most-visited attraction in Rome?

The Colosseum is the most-visited attraction in Rome with over 6 million annual visitors.

Are there any historical attractions in Rome?
  1. Colosseum
  2. Roman Forum
  3. Pantheon
  4. Baths of Caracalla
  5. Castel Sant'Angelo
Are there any educational attractions in Rome?
  1. Vatican Museum
  2. Musei Capitolini
  3. National Roman Museum
  4. MAXXI - National Museum of 21st Century Arts
  5. Palazzo Altemps - National Roman Museum
What should I see in Rome as an art buff?
  1. Vatican Museums
  2. Borghese Gallery
  3. Gallery of Modern Art of Rome
  4. MAXXI - National Museum of 21st Century Arts
  5. Palazzo Barberini
Are there any wildlife attractions in Rome?
  1. Bioparco di Roma
  2. Zoomarine
  3. La Fattoria degli Animali
  4. Rettilario Park
What are the best attractions in Rome for kids?
  1. Bioparco di Roma (Rome Zoo)
  2. Explora Children's Museum
  3. Rainbow MagicLand (Amusement park)
  4. Cinecittà World (Movie-themed park)
  5. Hydromania (Waterpark)
Are there any attractions in Rome for foodies?
  1. Testaccio Market
  2. Trastevere Neighborhood - known for its traditional Roman cuisine and restaurants
  3. Food tours and cooking classes
  4. Gelato shops, bakeries, and pastry shops
  5. Wine tastings and vineyard tours in nearby regions such as Frascati and Montepulciano.
What are the best outdoor activities and nature reserves around Rome?
  1. Appian Way Regional Park - Hiking and biking trails
  2. Ostia Antica Archaeological Park - Explore the ancient ruins
  3. Parco Avventura - An adventure park with zip lines and obstacle courses
  4. Castelli Romani - Nearby towns and villages with hiking trails and beautiful scenery
  5. Tiber River - Kayaking and canoeing.
Are there any attractions near Rome?
  1. Pompeii and Herculaneum archaeological sites
  2. Tivoli Gardens and Villa d'Este
  3. Ostia Antica Archaeological Park
  4. Castelli Romani - for stunning views and outdoor activities
  5. Naples and the Amalfi Coast
Are there any free attractions in Rome?
  1. Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain
  2. St Peter's Basilica
  3. Piazza Navona
  4. Roman Forum
  5. Appian Way Regional Park
Are there any seasonal or temporary attractions that are only available during certain times of the year?
  1. Christmas Markets - December
  2. Rome Film Festival - October
  3. Estate Romana Festival - From June to September
  4. Roma Carnival - February
  5. Opera at Terme di Caracalla - From June to August
  6. Open House Roma - May
Are there any attractions in Rome that are popular with locals?
  1. Trastevere neighborhood
  2. Pigneto
  3. Villa Borghese
  4. Mercato Centrale
  5. Garbatella
What are some unique shopping experiences in Rome?
  1. Campo de' Fiori Market - Fresh produce, flowers, and souvenirs
  2. Vintage Markets for clothes & one-of-a-kind objects
  3. Roman Artisan Workshops for handmade leather goods, & ceramics
  4. Luxury Shopping at high-end designer stores
What are some attractions in Rome for photography enthusiasts?
  1. Colosseum
  2. Pantheon
  3. Trevi Fountain
  4. Spanish Steps
  5. Vatican City and St. Peter's Basilica
What are some of the best viewpoints in Rome for panoramic views of the city?
  1. Pincio Terrace: Villa Borghese
  2. Gianicolo Hill: Sunset view
  3. Dome of St. Peter's Basilica: Vatican City view
  4. Janiculum Terrace: Beautiful at night
  5. Castel Sant'Angelo: Tiber River view