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To/from Fiumicino Airport and Vatican City: Airport Transfer Services

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To/from Fiumicino Airport and Vatican City: Airport Transfer Services

Where is Vatican City?


Address: 00165 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy

When you arrive in Vatican City, several interesting details will catch your attention. The postal service here is fantastic, even better than Italy's national service, and it’s great if you need to send postcards. There's also the world’s shortest railway, with just two short tracks mainly for goods. While there aren’t regular passenger trains, getting here is super easy. Just hop on a train from Rome’s Termini Station to Roma San Pietro, which is just a few minutes from St. Peter’s Square. This makes it really convenient to visit St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.


For public transportation in Vatican City, buses connect key sites including Termini station, Piazza Venezia, and the Vatican. They offer convenient routes through the city center, making stops near St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican Museums.

Routes: 23, 492, 81, 913, N3S, 982, 49, N3D
Operating hours: 5:30am to 12am (regular buses) & 12am to 5:30am (night buses)


When visiting Vatican City from Rome, consider the Rome Metro for a quick and economical journey. Stations like Ottaviano-S. Pietro or Cipro are just a 5-minute walk from St. Peter’s Square, offering convenient access at an affordable price.

Routes: A
Operating hours: 5:30am to 11:30pm (Sun to Thu) & 5:30am to 1:30am (Fri to Sat)


Trams offer a direct route to Vatican City. Exit at Piazza del Risorgimento, a quick 7-minute walk to the Vatican Museums, providing straightforward access to this historic site in Rome.

Routes: Piazza del Risorgimento
Operating hours: 5:30am to 12am


Taxis are a convenient option for reaching the Vatican from Termini or the airport. Costs vary but expect around 15 to 20 euros from Termini and 40 to 60 euros from the airport. Taxi stands are located in key areas around Vatican City for easy access.

Taxi Ranks: Piazza Cavour, Piazza del Risorgimento

Where is Fiumicino Airport?

Address: Via L.Da Vinci, 00015 Roma RM, Italy

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Fiumicino Airport, also known as Leonardo da Vinci Airport, is Italy's busiest, welcoming over 38.6 million passengers yearly. Roughly 27 miles southwest of Rome, it's conveniently linked to the city center by bus and train, ensuring easy access for travelers.

Plan your journey: Fiumicino Airport to/from Vatican City

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Train transfers

Train transfers offer a reliable and efficient way to travel between Fiumicino Airport and Vatican City. The high-speed Leonardo Express operates daily, providing a dependable option even during strikes, with backup bus services available if needed.

Leonardo Express

Leonardo Express timings

Fiumicino Airport to Rome Termini: 6:23am to 11:53pm
Rome Termini to Fiumicino Airport: 5:35am to 10:35pm

Leonardo Express timetable

Leonardo Express stops

Fiumicino Airport | Rome Termini Station

Leonardo Express routes & stops

Exploring Vatican City: dining, lodging, and sightseeing

Nearby attractions
  • Trevi Fountain: The Trevi Fountain in Rome, celebrated for its cinematic fame and cultural importance, attracts millions of visitors each year, making it an important stop during your Rome itinerary.
  • Arco degli Acetari: Accessed through Via del Pellegrino, this medieval enclave exudes charm with its ancient staircases, warm hues, and harmonious blend of architecture and nature.
  • Capitoline Museums: The Capitoline Museums, established in 1471 by Pope Sixtus IV, showcase a diverse collection of ancient artifacts and sculptures, offering a captivating journey through Rome's rich history and artistic heritage atop the historic Capitoline Hill.
  • Pantheon: The Pantheon in Rome, once a temple for Roman gods, now captivates as a stunning Christian church. Its grand dome and celestial oculus create a mesmerizing play of light, inviting all to discover its rich history from ancient times to today.
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Frequently asked questions

Are there airport transfer services connecting Vatican City to Fiumicino Airport?

Yes, you can reach Vatican City from Fiumicino Airport via the Leonardo Express high-speed train, which also includes escorted entry to the Vatican Museums and the famous Sistine Chapel, making it a convenient option for travelers.

What is the cost of an airport transfer service from Fiumicino Airport to Vatican City?

The cost of an airport transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Vatican City is €58.90.

Where can I purchase my airport transfer tickets?

You can grab your Fiumicino Airport transfer tickets online, where you might find some special deals and discounts on ticket prices.

What are the Fiumicino Airport transfer timings from Rome Termini?

Fiumicino Airport transfers offer round-the-clock services for travelers in Rome.

How can I quickly travel between Fiumicino Airport and Vatican City?

The Leonardo Express train is the fastest way to get between Vatican City and Fiumicino Airport. 

Are there public transportation options to get around Vatican City?

Getting around Vatican City is easy with buses, trams, the metro, or taxis—all offering convenient ways to explore different parts of the country.

How long does it take to reach Rome from Fiumicino Airport?

The high-speed train transfers will take you from Fiumicino Airport to Rome in approximately 30 minutes.

How can I easily reach the Vatican's attractions from Termini Station?

You have several convenient options! Whether it's the subway, train, bus, or a leisurely walk, Termini Station provides easy access to Rome's iconic Vatican attractions.

Are one-way and round-trip transfers available between Fiumicino Airport and Rome Termini?

Yes, you can book both one-way and round-trip transfers to travel between the airport and Rome Termini.