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A Guide to Visiting Rome in September | Attractions, Weather, Museums & More

Rome began its journey around 2700 years ago, and the majority of its initial charm has been retained for you to witness. The Eternal City's art and architecture are truly unparalleled. Every road and structure in the city has stories to share, as does the city's signature cuisine. It's no surprise that millions of visitors flock to the city each year. If you plan on joining them in September, you should prepare for an unprecedented life-altering trip. This page has all the details to make your visit to Rome in September a memorable one.

Is September a Good Time to Visit Rome?

In Rome, September is an intriguing month. Technically, September is still a summer month in Rome, however, the weather starts to change as the month progresses. There is a noticeable shift in the number of tourists as well.

Rome in September - Why Visit

Why You Should Visit Rome in September

  • In Rome, September is still a summer month. However, there is a perceptible shift in the weather. The nights start to cool down.
  • September is an excellent time to dress up in vivid and breathable clothing and go out. The evenings, especially, are quite comfortable.
  • Longer days allow you to begin your day early and stay out much longer, moving from one attraction to the next.
  • Gastronomically, there is a lot to love in Rome in September, thanks to all of the local food that comes in from various regions in the summer.
Rome in September- What to Look Out For

What to Look Out For in September

  • In September, Rome is still very hot during the day at the beginning of the month. Even if you wear light clothing and drink plenty of water, spending too much time in the sun can be exhausting.
  • In September, Rome is still teeming with tourists, which means that everywhere you go, including famous eateries, there may be a long line.
  • If you want to enjoy any of the city's famous attractions alone, you will only have a very short window to do so in the very early hours of the day.
  • Because it is high season in Rome, it may be difficult to find affordable accommodations near the central part of the city.