A Guide to Visiting Rome in March | Attractions, Weather & Museums


Home to several architectural marvels, Rome is a city of culture and history. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the wide number of architectural wonders and historical artifacts that one can find here. From the gorgeous Pantheon to the majestic Colosseum, Rome is filled with historic attractions. That’s not all though, it also offers a wide selection of fountains, parks, dining options, and more. If you wish to visit this city, then plan a trip to Rome in March during the onset of the spring season and enjoy the attractions without any crowds. Read on to know more about what you can do in Rome in March! 

Is March a Good Time to Visit Rome?

The winter is slowly passing away as the spring sun lights up everything in this magical city. Rome in March is truly breathtaking with several fun festivals and events to attend in the city.

Rome in March- Why Visit

Why You Should Visit 

  • There are fewer tourists in the city so you can have the attractions all to yourself.
  • The weather is pleasant for sightseeing as it is neither hot nor cold.
  • Rome in March looks quite lovely and colorful with red poppies, pink azaleas, and other spring flowers blooming.
  • Since this is one of the shoulder months to visit, you can get good deals on the hotel and flight prices.
  • Visitors can witness many fun festivals and events including Easter, Fester della Donna, and more.
Rome in March - What to Look Out For

What to Look Out For

  • The weather can change swiftly from chilly to pleasant to drizzling this month.
  • It rains for half of the month.
  • The days are shorter and the sun tends to set earlier so, you have to plan your days properly.
  • Beaches can be a little cold to enjoy in Rome in March.

Overview of Weather in Rome in March

Rome in March - weather

More About Weather in Rome in March

  1. How hot is Rome in March?
    Rome is not too warm in March. With spring setting in, the average temperature high is 17°C and the average temperature low is 6°C.
  2. Can You Swim in Rome in March?
    There are several amazing beaches near Rome for you to explore. However, since it is the spring month, the water can be a little too cold for swimming. The average temperature of the water near Rome in March is 14°C so you might want to skip swimming.
  3. Does it rain in Rome in March?
    Yes, there are high chances of rainfall in Rome in March with nearly 13 rainy days to endure.
  4. Is Rome Windy in March?
    A moderate breeze flows in Rome in March with average wind speeds reaching 12.4 mph, which is not too windy.

Best Things to do in Rome in March

Rome in March - Roman Colosseum
Rome in March - St. Peter's Basilica
Rome in March- Vatican Museum
Rome in March - Sistine Chapel
Rome in March - Palazzo Barberini
Rome in March - Catacombs
Rome in March - Castel Sant Angelo
Rome in March -  Leonardo da Vinci Museum
Rome in March- Trastevere Neighborhood
Rome in March - Pantheon
Rome in March: Palazzo Massimo
Rome in March: Trevi Fountain

12. Trevi Fountain

City Landmark | Sightseeing

The Trevi Fountain is one of the biggest and most famous water fountains in Rome, making it a top attraction to visit. The statues built in the fountain are beautiful and represent important characters. One of the most popular rituals associated with the fountain is to throw a coin in the water for assured luck.

Top Experiences in Rome in March


Festivals in Rome in March

Rome in March - Festivals

Feast Day of Saint Francis of Rome

Venue: Tor de’ Specchi Monastery 

Dates: 9 March

Tor de’ Specchi Monastery is located near Capitoline Hill and was founded by Saint Frances. On the anniversary of his death, the monastery is opened on March 9 every year. The entry is free and one must simply visit to admire the gorgeous frescoes inside the monastery.

Rome in March - Festivals

Ides of March

Venue: Largo di Torre Argentina

Dates: 15 March

Julius Caesar was assassinated on this day in 44BC by his friends and colleagues due to his growing power. Every year, Romans remember this day by re-enacting his assassination in the ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina where it actually happened.

Events in Rome in March

Rome in March: Events

Festa della Donna

Dates: 8 March

One of the most popular annual events to attend in Rome is Festa della Donna on International Women’s Day. Throughout the city, women receive beautiful golden blossoms of mimosas. Each mimosa blossom celebrates the progress of women in economic, political, and social fields. 

Rome in March: Rome Marathon

Know Before You Visit Rome in March

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
Rome in March- Travel Essentials
Rome in March- What to wear

What to Wear in Rome in March

  • Since March is the onset of spring month, the weather changes quickly from chilly to drizzly.
  • Wear multiple layers of clothing so that it is easy for you to add or remove a layer when the weather changes.
  • Carry pants, trousers, long skirts, and dresses to wear in Rome in March.
  • Make sure you carry a warm jacket, cardigan, coat, or scarves to wear in Rome when it gets chilly in March.
Rome in March - what to pack

What to Pack in Rome in March

  • Power Adapter: A type C, F, or L plug.
  • Clothes: Jeans, heavy cotton pants, sweaters, cardigans, skirts, light tops, light jackets, coats, and scarves. Layering is important in Rome in March.
  • Waterproof jacket/windcheater and a rain hat
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • An umbrella for the rain.
  • A backpack to carry around during the day to store your personal belongings when exploring the city.
Rome in March - Getting around

Getting Around Rome in March

  • By Metro: One of the best ways to explore Rome is by using the extensive metro system. There are two metro lines – Linea A and Linea B that can be used to reach most of the attractions in Rome including the Vatican City.
  • By Bus: Rome also has an amazing bus service that connects almost every attraction in the city. Furthermore, you can use the night bus network to easily explore the city at night time.
  • Rental Bikes/Scooters: If you want more freedom while exploring Rome, then you can rent bikes or scooters and explore the city freely.
  • On Foot: Exploring Rome in March on foot is an amazing way to learn about this city. There are several attractions at a short distance from each other that make for a nice walk.
Rome in April - Stay

Where to Stay in Rome in March

Rome is a popular tourist destination so, it is no surprise that it features a wide range of accommodation options for every budget. Whether you are looking for an economical hostel or a luxurious resort, here are a few of the best places to stay in Rome in March.

Budget Hotels: YellowSquare Rome, The RomeHello, Napoleon Hotel Roma.

Mid Range Hotels: Hotel Fiume, Radisson Blue GHR Hotel, Hotel Artemide.

Luxury Hotels: Hotel NH Collection Roma Palazzo Cinquecento, Rome Cavalieri A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Baglioni Hotel Regina.

Rome in March - food

What to eat in Rome in March

There are many delectable dishes to try in Rome that will give you a little glimpse into its culture. Here are a few iconic items that you cannot miss out on when you are exploring the city in March.

Gelato – For those who love ice creams, one of the top dishes to try in Rome is Gelato. You will find many fun flavors to taste here including champagne, strawberry, salted caramel, and more.

Suppli – One of the top roman street foods to try in Rome is Suppli. It is a fried risotto ball served with cheese, meat, and tomato sauce. You will find both traditional and modern versions of this dish on the streets of Trastevere. 

Abbachio – Abbachio is a top roast lamb dish to taste in Rome in March. It is served with seasonal vegetables and comes in different variations.

Hacks & Tips to Visit Rome in March

  • Rome weather in March is slightly chilly and drizzly so, pack accordingly.
  • Book your flights and hotels in advance to get amazing deals and discounts during the offseason.
  • Pack layers of clothes as the temperature fluctuates a lot this month.
  • You will be walking a lot in Rome to explore all the sights so, do wear a comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Purchase your tickets for attractions such as Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palazzo Barberini, etc. in advance to save time and money.
  • Drink lots of water as you can become dehydrated after walking through the streets when you are exploring the city.
  • Participate in festivities such as Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter and interact with locals in the city.
  • Don’t go swimming in Rome in March as the water will be a little chilly and you might fall sick.
  • Carry layers of clothing to enjoy a comfortable trip in Rome in March.
  • Pack an umbrella as it rains a lot in the month of March.
  • Be careful of petty thieves and tourist scam artists that are quite common around the city.

All Your Questions About Visiting Rome in March Answered

Is March a good time to visit Rome?

Yes, Rome in March experiences a cool, pleasant climate with fewer tourists in the city.

Is Rome cold in March?

The average temperature of Rome in March ranges between a high of 17°C and a low of 6°C.

How hot is Rome in March?

Rome weather in March is generally cool and pleasant. The temperature ranges between a high of 17°C and a low of 6°C.

Can you swim in Rome in March?

The water temperature in Rome in March is generally cold. So, if you don’t mind swimming in cold waters, then you can try swimming in the city.

Is it sunny in Rome in March?

The average sunshine in Rome in March is 5.5 hours a day as it tends to drizzle a lot.

What clothes to wear in Rome in March?

It is important to layer your clothes in Rome in March. This way, you can add a jacket or remove one, depending on the changing weather.

Is it rainy in Rome in March?

Yes, it is one of the rainiest months in Rome. Visitors can expect rainfall for around 13 days of the month.

Is Rome expensive to visit?

Rome in March is budget-friendly since it is off-season. You will get hotels and flights at a lower fare compared to the rest of the year. Also, you can plan a cheap vacation by booking your tickets and attractions in advance.

How safe is Rome?

Rome is a relatively safe city to visit. However, there are chances of petty thefts and tourist scams in the city.

What can I see in Rome in March?

Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountains, and Roman Forum, are some of the many attractions you can visit in Rome with fewer tourists in March.

What are the major events in Rome in March?

The major events to attend in Rome in March are Festa della Donna and Rome Marathon.

What is the average temperature in Rome in March?

The average high is 17°C and the average low is 6°C in Rome in March.

What are the best things to do in Rome in March?

Visit historical sites such as Colosseum, Palantine Hill, and Roman Forum, or go museum hopping, explore the Rome piazzas or take a stroll around the city. There are many things to do in Rome in March.

What are the best things to do with Kids in Rome in March?

Take your kids on a food tour or a heritage tour to understand the culture of Rome a little better. There are many fun museums and historic sites to explore with your kids as well.

What are the main festivals in Rome in March?

Feast Day of Saint Francis of Rome and Ides of March are the main festivals celebrated in Rome in March.