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Mamertine Prison | Visitor information at a glance

  • What are the Mamertine Prison' opening hours?
    The Mamertine Prison are typically open from 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Where is the Mamertine Prison located?
    The Mamertine Prison are located at Via di San Pietro in Carcere, 00186 Rome, Italy.
  • How many entrances does the Mamertine Prison have?
    There is one main entrance to the Mamertine Prison.
  • How many visitors does the Mamertine Prison see per year?
    The Mamertine Prison welcome approximately 200,000 visitors annually.

What are the Mamertine Prison opening hours?

The Mamertine Prison's opening hours are typically from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Last admission: 4 PM

Closed on: Christmas and New Year’s

What's the best time to visit Mamertine Prison?

For a more peaceful experience, choose a weekday visit over the weekends. Tuesday and Wednesday tend to be busier due to closures or limited hours at other attractions. To beat the crowds and enjoy the ambiance, opt for an early morning visit. The soft, morning light enhances the atmosphere. Plus, you'll have more time to explore before it gets crowded.

The Mamertine Prison's high season typically runs from June to September when tourists flock to Rome. For fewer crowds and milder weather, consider visiting between January and April, making your experience more enjoyable.

Where is Mamertine Prison located?

Getting to Mamertine Prison

By public transportation

  • By train: Take the FC1, FL1, FL5, or R lines from Rome Termini Station for intercity travel to reach the Mamertine Prison.
  • By metro: Use Metro Lines B or C, with a 10-15 minute ride from Colosseo Metro Station for a convenient commute to the destination.
  • By bus: Affordable travel options with bus lines like 87, 170, and more, offering a 15-20 minute ride to the Mamertine Prison from P.Za Venezia bus stop.
  • By tram: Line 8 is available, with the nearest stop being Piazza Venezia, providing another transportation option to reach the Prison.

By car

To reach the Mamertine Prison by car, navigate to Via di San Pietro in Carcere, Rome, Italy. Limited parking is available nearby; consider using paid parking garages like "Parking Ludovisi" or "Garage Colosseo." Be mindful of restricted zones in the city center, and aim for a weekday visit for less traffic.

Parking facilities

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Know before you go to Mamertine Prison


The Mamertine Prison has one main entrance, which is accessible from Via di San Pietro in Carcere, 00186 Rome, Italy. This entrance is suitable for all ticket holders and provides access to the entire site.

Visitors can easily reach the main entrance by walking from the nearby Colosseo Metro Station, approximately 900 meters away, or by using various bus lines that stop near the Roman Forum. It's important to note that this entrance is the primary point of access for all visitors, so ticket holders of any type can use it.

  • Visitor Center: Offers information, tickets, and guidance for a seamless visit.
  • Multilingual Guides: Multimedia guides in various languages enhance the experience.
  • Restrooms: On-site restrooms for visitor convenience.
  • Accessibility: Note that the site is not be wheelchair accessible.
  • Parking: On-site parking available for visitors arriving by car.

Frequently asked auestions about visiting Mamertine Prison in Rome

Where is Mamertine Prison?

Mamertine Prison are centrally located in the heart of Rome, specifically at Via di San Pietro in Carcere, 00186 Rome, Italy. It is located just north of the Roman Forum in Rome. Situated beneath the Roman Catholic church of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami (St. Joseph’s of the Carpenters), the prison is traditionally associated with the captivity of the Apostle Paul and the Apostle Peter in Rome. The term "Mamertine" was later attributed to the prison during the Medieval Period.

Can I visit Mamertine Prison?

Absolutely, you can visit the Mamertine Prison, which offer a fascinating journey into ancient Roman history. It's a must-see attraction for history enthusiasts and those interested in experiencing the ambiance of this historically significant site.

Why should I visit Mamertine Prison?

Visiting the Mamertine Prison provides a unique opportunity to step back in time and explore a place with immense historical importance. It's within these very walls that notable figures like Saint Peter were once held captive, making it a remarkable window into the past.

Can I visit Mamertine Prison for free?

Unfortunately, there is an admission fee to enter the Mamertine Prison. You can find detailed ticket information and current pricing on the official website, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry.

How do I book tickets to visit Mamertine Prison?

Booking tickets is straightforward. You have the option to book them in advance via authorized platforms, which is highly recommended, particularly during the peak tourist seasons. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets at the entrance, although this might involve waiting in line.

How much does it cost to visit Mamertine Prison?

Ticket prices may vary based on factors such as age and nationality. For the most up-to-date pricing information and details on any discounts, consult the specific ticket details, basic entry tickets start from €10.

What is the best time to visit Mamertine Prison?

For a more serene and less crowded experience, consider visiting the Mamertine Prison in the early morning on weekdays or during the off-peak seasons, which typically extend from January to April. This allows you to savor the atmosphere and historical significance with fewer fellow tourists.

What are the Mamertine Prison' opening hours?

The Mamertine Prison are typically open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, it's wise to double-check the operating hours before planning your visit, as schedules may vary on certain occasions.

Can I visit Mamertine Prison in a group?

Yes, group visits are indeed possible, and the Mamertine Prison offer a captivating experience for groups. For information on group bookings and any special arrangements, it's advisable to reach out to the official website or contact the management for guidance.

Can I visit Mamertine Prison with kids?

While the Mamertine Prison are family-friendly, it's crucial to consider the historical context and the nature of the tour. The prison cells reflect a somber chapter in Roman judicial history. Moreover, the terrain is uneven and rocky, which may pose challenges for toddlers. Parents should adapt the visit to match the age and interests of their children, keeping in mind the potential for mature content during the tour.

Is Mamertine Prison wheelchair-friendly?

The Mamertine Prison, due to their historical nature, are not fully wheelchair accessible. While efforts have been made to improve accessibility, there are limitations. Visitors with mobility challenges should be aware that wheelchair access may not be possible throughout the entire site.

How long does it take to visit Mamertine Prison?

Plan to spend approximately 1 to 2 hours to explore the Mamertine Prison thoroughly. The duration can vary depending on your level of interest and engagement with the historical content. It's a self-paced experience that allows you to delve into the history at your own rhythm.

Is it worth visiting Mamertine Prison?

Absolutely, the Mamertine Prison offer a profound and immersive historical experience. If you have an interest in ancient Roman history and historical landmarks, this is a must-visit attraction. It's a captivating journey into the past that will leave you with a deep appreciation for Rome's rich history and heritage.